Jayson Shaw, who was from Scotland, had just won the 9-Ball tournament at the 2022 International Open, and he wanted everyone to know about it.

It would appear that he also wanted to share the news with the people who worked at the General Dynamics shipyard, which was located across the bay from the hotel. Even if it was partly familiar to everyone who had seen him win tournaments in the past, it had reached a level that, according to Darren Appleton, a close friend and teammate on the 2016 Mosconi Cup team, was new and unique to the occasion.

After the event, Appleton remarked, “I can honestly say that I’d never seen that before.” “I’d seen him do it in team play, like the Mosconi Cup, but never like that before,” the commentator said.

Shaw attempted to explain things to the audience shortly after his triumph over Wiktor Zielinski of Poland, which he earned by the score of 13-10. He was questioned about the factors that set this victory apart from others. Even though he didn’t make a direct reference to the noise, the fact that he was speaking about it provided additional significance and context. He explained it to everyone in the arena, even though they didn’t require or anticipate the explanation, and everyone understood what he meant.

He said, “I’ve fought to make it through the past year.” “I just wasn’t in the mood for it.”

Listeners who were aware of his accomplishments over the past year may have been taken aback by this news. Some of his recent triumphs include back-to-back wins at Turning Stone, victories at the 12th New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame 9-Ball Open, and the Pro Players Championship at the Super Billiards Expo. But the acknowledged champion was thinking about the other 14 competitions in which he hadn’t done so well, during which time the pressure within him to “get back” to where he wanted to be was strong. During this time, the pressure was bottled up in a human vessel that burst like a huge champagne cork when the final 9-ball was dropped.

It had been exactly six years to the day since he had defeated Jung Lin-Chang at the Kuwait Open, and now he was staking his claim to the 2022 International Open 9-Ball title. He was definitely feeling it today.

But so was Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski when he went to the table at the beginning of the match. He had his own set of demons to exorcise, including the fact that he had finished second behind Dimitri Jungo at the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championships exactly one week prior to this match. He more than made up for that loss by advancing to the single elimination stage and eliminating both Joshua Filler and Fedor Gorst. Shaw had previously won 10-4 against Abdullah Alyousef of Kuwait, 10-3 against Jonas Souto of Spain, and 10-3 against Ko Pin Yi of Taiwan in the quarterfinals to join him in the finals.

Those who had been watching the progress of the two finals through the bracket could see that it was shaping up to be a close contest between Zielinski’s tenacity and Shaw’s unfiltered and obvious drive. The victor was determined.

The crowd was required to wait for a time as the two found a comfortable position. The proceedings began with a dry break, which Shaw was unable to take advantage of because it was offered by Zielinski. After that, Zielinski absolutely missed the 2-ball, which gave Shaw the opportunity to take control of the game. Shaw was the first player to draw blood by running the table. Zielinski took use of the opportunity presented to him to run the table and even things out, which he ultimately did after Shaw scratched after breaking the second rack.

Things improved rapidly, but when Zielinski broke and ran the third rack, it turned out to be the final time that he would lead in the match. After that, the other player would take the initiative. Shaw started the game by breaking and running rack four. He then went to the 3-ball and used it to drop the 9-ball and tie the game. Even though Zielinski would go within one both at 7-6 and 8-7, the outcome was already predetermined at that point.

Right after Shaw had reached the top of the hill with a four-point lead, Zielenski began to stir up the audience. After Shaw smashed three balls home on the break, Zielinski used a long bank shot on the 1-ball to start a run that brought him to within two at 12-10. Shaw scratched in the next rack, and Zeilinski dropped a 2-9 combination to finish rack #17 quickly. After that, Shaw scratched in the next rack, and Zeilinski dropped a 2-9 combination to finish rack #17 quickly.

On the following rack, Zielinski ran out of balls, and Shaw finished the game with a 2-9 combination.

After that, there was a roaring sound.

In the JIC final, Tate and Hollingsworth will face each other for the second time, and Mast and Noelle Tate will compete against one another.

The fact that the two girls that competed against each other in the finals of the Junior International Championships (JIC) 18 & Under Girls final were only 14 and 12 years old is representative of the Junior International Championships as a whole. Although the program made a distinction between competitors aged 13 and under and those aged 18 and under in order to keep developing abilities at the table in different categories, the younger competitors were not interested.

At the 2022 JIC’s 18 & Under Championships, Sofia Mast (14) and Noelle Tate (12) advanced through the small field of eight competitors. There was a possibility that this year’s final would feature Tate sisters Bethany (16), who finished at the top of the 18 & Under Girls rankings, and Noelle, who finished 6th; however, this did not occur.

However, to to Noelle and Bethany’s astonishment, the younger sibling upset the older by a score of 7-5 in the semifinals. Mast had previously claimed the hot seat by virtue of a double hill victory over Bethany. Noelle, who hadn’t given being in the finals a single thought on her way, lost 9-2 in the finals, and as “besties” like to be, they hugged heartily after it was all over. Noelle hadn’t given being in the finals a single thought on her journey.

Joey, Noelle’s older brother, and Landon Hollingsworth, who competed in the final for the 18-and-under boys, were not as successful.

They had competed against one another in the finals of the 18-and-under boys division the previous year, when Hollingsworth emerged victorious after breaking a 5-5 tie and winning the final five racks in a row to win the 2021 championship. This year, the two competitors engaged in a back-and-forth struggle all the way through five ties, the most recent of which established the conditions for a double hill final game.

When Tate won the 15th rack, which brought the score to 8-7, he took the lead for the first time since he was up 2-1. Both of them missed shots during the tense 16th rack, which caused the spectators gathered there to let out audible screams. Landon was given the opportunity to run the remainder of the balls, which he took advantage of to equalize the score at 8-8 when Tate missed the 6-ball.

They breezed through the last rack in a relatively short amount of time, and Tate was the one who got the first look at the 9-ball, but it appeared to be located in a distant galaxy. Tate was also holding his breath before he began his pre-shot ritual since it appeared as though the audience was physically doing the same thing. To win the championship for the 18-and-under boys division of the JIC, he first established his stance, then stroked and banked the 9-ball into a corner pocket.

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