Evander Kane, a forward for the San Jose Sharks, was available to the media on Tuesday, but he didn’t provide many details or answers to the questions that were asked concerning his suspension for allegedly using a fraudulent vaccination card.

Kane was handed a one-game suspension to start the season after returning to the Sharks for preseason training with a phony COVID-19 immunization card in his possession. After that, the National Hockey League handed him a 21-game suspension for his actions.

When asked about his ban, Kane had the following response: “You are going to need to refer to the statement that the NHL issued regarding… the punishment. I done my time, played my 21 rounds, and now I’m free to go about my business.”

Kane had the following response when he was asked a follow-up question regarding whether or not he had used a fraudulent vaccination card: “You know what, I’m fully vaccinated, and that’s really all I have to say about it.”

Kane had his waiver claim denied on Monday, and it was anticipated that he will soon report to and play for the San Jose Barracuda of the American Hockey League.

The statement that was released by Kane’s agency on Sunday read as follows: “We have been discussing Evander’s possible return to San Jose over the course of the previous few weeks. The decision of the Sharks to place him on waivers did not come as a surprise to us, and he will join the Barracudas if he is given the green light to do so. This season, Evander anticipates picking up where he left off in the National Hockey League.”

In recent months, Kane has been the subject of a number of other off-ice issues, including allegations of domestic assault made by his estranged wife Anna Kane and counter-claims made by Kane in court, allegations that he bet on NHL games (which the league cleared him of), and filing for bankruptcy. All of these matters have been resolved in Kane’s favor.

Kane, who is 30 years old, is now three seasons into a seven-year deal worth $49 million. He was originally drafted by Atlanta/Winnipeg, where he also made his professional debut, and he is currently playing for Buffalo, which is his third franchise overall.

In the 56 games he played in during the previous season, he recorded 22 goals and 27 assists. May was the month of his most recent NHL appearance.

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