Grealish had the opportunity to meet the supporter, and he made a promise to the little kid that the next time he scored a goal, he would perform a celebration for him, the specifics of which would be chosen by the boy.

Jack Grealish, a standout player for the Three Lions, scored England’s sixth and final goal off the bench during their opening World Cup encounter against Iran. The match resulted in a 6-2 thrashing of the Asian team. The great player for Manchester City celebrated his goal by turning his arm like a worm as soon as it was scored. Nevertheless, there is a pleasant and fuzzy explanation for it.

After receiving a piece of fan mail written by an 11-year-old boy named Finlay, who has cerebral palsy, Grealish recently had the opportunity to meet the young supporter in person.

Within the letter, it stated, “To Jack, my name is Finlay, and I am 11 years old.” I am a passionate supporter of both Manchester City and England. I also suffer from cerebral palsy, and I was aware that your sister also had the condition. Do you consider yourself to be a good brother to her? I really admire how great of a relationship you have with your sister and how well you understand her. You always have her there with you, and the look on your face conveys a sense of pride. Particularly when you were champion of the league.”

I have often thought to myself, “I wish there were more people in the world just like you who treat persons with disabilities the same as anyone else.” The fact that you, a famous football player, are aware of what it is like to share a home with people who have cerebral palsy brings a huge smile to my face. I really want you to read this letter because you are the most amazing big brother there could ever be to your sister and you are my hero. The letter came to an end with the following statement: “It is my dream to meet you and give you a high five because I can’t hand shake.”

After that, Grealish went over to the supporter and made a promise to him: the next time he scores a goal, he will celebrate it in a way that the little kid chooses, and he would dedicate that celebration to the boy.

The player inquired as to what it was that Finalya wanted them to accomplish, to which Finalya said, “The Worm.”

Grealish responded to Finaly’s question by saying, “I can’t do the worm, I might get injured.” In response, Finaly demonstrated the arm worm celebration, the same celebration that he used after scoring a goal against Iran during the World Cup.

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